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10* of the Best...Coffee Table Accessories

Posted on 27th April 2020
Coffee table accessories

1: Seychelles Candle | 2: Gold Leaf Tray | 3: Tom Ford Book | 4: Marble Tray | 5: White Plant Pot | 6: Tortoiseshell Candle Holder | 7: Rattan Coasters | 8: Marble Coasters | 9: Eat Drink Nap Book | 10: Marble Chess Set | 11: Culti Diffuser |

(* but there are actually 11)

Hello! This is a '10 of the Best...' post I have been meaning to put together for a while now, and first things first, let me point out that I know there are actually 11 accessories here, not 10! But, I really liked both of the coasters and to be honest there was a gap in the image which I just couldn't fill with only 10 accessories, and I would rather sacrifice the whole point of '10 of the Best' to make sure I get a pretty picture!

coffee table accessories

Styling and accessorising is perhaps one of the most important factors when designing a room to ensure the completed look is amazing. You cannot bypass this step, and when decorating a room for the first time or redecorating, it is so important to set aside some budget for accessories. Accessories and styling add luxury, homeliness and personality to a space.

Coffee table styling is therefore so important. Usually in the centre of the room, you need to make sure these babies look good. Coffee table books are a fab way of adding your personality to a space. Make sure you choose books you'd actually want to read though to keep it personal to you. Candles and diffusers will add a gorgeous scent, and create ambience in the evening. No table (or room even) is complete without a splash of greenery so try and add a plant. Real or artificial is fine! I like having a little tray on my coffee table, I think it's a great place to put remote controls (buttons, gadgets, whatever you call them) and other untidy essentials.

I hope that provided you with a bit of inspiration for your coffee table! Enjoy accessorising your homes and making them pretty!

Karly x

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