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How To Style Home Accessories

Posted on 8th January 2021
Console table

Adding accessories and styling to my home is my favourite part of the interior design process. It's how you add the finishing touches to a room and elevate it from average to awesome. Plus, I just find it really fun.

Below is my simple guide showing you how best to style your home accessories. Read on and try out these few simple rules to ensure that your home styling is on point.

Coffee Table Styling

When styling a coffee table, try to create small displays arranged in threes, focusing on accessories with staggered heights and different textures. Always try to have some greenery, such as a real or artificial plant. Candles, coffee table books and diffusers are all great accessories to use when styling a coffee table. A stylish tray is a good place for keeping your accessories grouped together, or more practically for keeping TV remotes etc on. If you have a round coffee table, try to create one display in the centre,

coffee table accessories
coffee table styling

Shelf Styling

It’s important to create height and variation when styling a shelf. Include pictures of different heights, sizes and orientation, and add them to a selection of different style frames so it doesn’t look samey. This will also add texture to your display. Overlap some of the pictures, this will stop the display looking flat by creating depth. Try to add other accessories such as plants or candles to break it up. Make sure you fill the shelf so there aren’t large gaps.

living room shelf
shelf styling

Surface Styling

When styling console tables, side boards or chest of drawers which have a large surface, try to include big and/or tall accessories to balance out the space. Tall candlesticks or lamps positioned at either end is a great idea, or a vase with faux foliage in. Create a centrepiece in the middle with a nice arrangement of stacked books, or a display of textured, interesting accessories, again arranged in 3s. Don't be temped to place too many small little items, they'll just appear lost and look like clutter.

console table styling in hallway

Bookcase Styling

When styling bookcases/book shelves, it's good to find a balance between practical and aesthetic. Yes, I'll admit that I am one of those people that turn my books around so you can't see the spine, but what can I say, the primary colours of my Harry Potter collection does not coordinate well with my office decor. Stack books horizontally as well as vertically to add interest and height. Add ornamental accessories to help strike that balance between functional and aesthetic. Storage baskets are a great way to keep items neatly stored away (all of these baskets have items in) and plain boxes placed towards the bottom are a great place to neatly file paperwork.


Remember to have fun with styling your home accessories, and try to make it personal to you. Aren't interested in fashion? Then don't use the classically overused Tom Ford coffee table book! Find beautiful books that pique your interests and reflect you. Find candles that have scents that make you relaxed or feel uplifted, and if you have a green thumb, use real plants within your styling too!

As always, tag me on Instagram if you try any of these techniques so I can see!

Karly x


  1. What’s your best tips for styling topic a fireplace please? I always struggle and never feel I get it quite right. Thanks

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