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10 of the Best... Cheap Rugs under £250

Posted on 2nd January 2020

Rugs are a beautiful but expensive soft furnishing, which sadly is just a fact we have to accept when shopping for them, particularly if you're looking for some of the larger sizes. They can range anywhere up to a good £600 - £700 for a decent sized area rug. Based on that, for the purposes of this blog I'm calling anything under £250 a cheap rug (even though thats not cheap!), as you do need to spend about that to get the sizes. These rugs are all of a neutral colour palette, so they could work with most colour schemes. A great tip when shopping for a rug, choose one that is as large as you can, that will fit comfortably into your space!

All of these suppliers below have a great range of cheap rugs, so be sure to check out their other items too.

large cream cheap rug

1: John Lewis Estonia Rug - £220

Pure wool large cheap rug

2: La Redoute Pure Wool Rug - From £180

cheap rug

3: Wayfair - from £83.99

large cream cheap rug

4: Gunter Rug - £199

Ecru rug

5: Maisons Du Monde - from £99


6: - £159

patterned cheap rug

7: La Redoute - From £99

marble rug

8: Wayfair - from £31.99

cream cheap rug

9: Dunelm - from £109

Abstract Rug

10: Dunelm - from £149

Didn't find the rug you were looking for above? These suppliers also have a great collection of large cheap rugs you could try:




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