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Decorations for a Classy Christmas Tree

Posted on 12th November 2019

It's nearly that time of year again...the Christmas music goes on, the decorations come down from the loft, and we dedicate a festive afternoon to putting up the Christmas tree with with a warm glass of mulled wine in hand.

I've always favoured a very simple Christmas tree with elegant, classy decorations on. Christmas is the only time of year I mix gold and silver in my home, but on a tree it just works. It's also the only time of year you will ever see glitter in my house! However the warm white lights dancing off the metallic surfaces and reflecting through glass baubles is simply magical, and is why I return to the same Christmas colour scheme year after year.

Below are a selection of stunning white, gold, silver and glass Christmas tree decorations that combined would create a classy, elegant Christmas tree. Click the caption below each image for links to the product!

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Glittered Geometric Baubles and Golden Wooden Stars

Silver Mix Glass Baubles and Snowscape Assorted Baubles

Ribbed Glitter Bauble

Beaded Star Decoration

Pinecone Cloche and Gold Beaded Stars

Glitter Star Decoration

Harini Giant Baubles, Golden Stags Head, and White Feather Bauble

Do you have a colour scheme for your Christmas tree? Do you prefer simple and understated, or a big wow factor tree? Let me know in the comments below!

Karly x

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