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How to Create this Grey Bedroom

Posted on 6th August 2019
Grey bedroom

This grey bedroom without a doubt is my most popular Instagram and Pinterest photo. No matter what I create, how well I think a post will do, nothing ever comes close to getting the attention this Grey room does. And that’s ok. After all, this was my first flat, and the first bedroom I ever fully designed from scratch so I clearly hit the nail on the head pretty early on, and I’m very proud of it.

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I get asked questions about this bedroom ALL the time, so I thought I would create this blog post showing you how you can create this grey bedroom for yourself. I don’t live here anymore, so all photos are old but hopefully I have photos of most of the items in the room anyway.

Paint Colour: Polished Silver By Crown Period Collection

Grey bedroom

The most common question of all! I’ve been asked this so many times that my photo auto completes it when I start typing the name now! It’s a beautiful colour paint, one which I would consider a steel grey. I was very adamant I didn’t want any purple or blue undertones when I was selecting a grey paint, and I probably tried about 15 before settling on this one. Its very flat matt, my only word of warning is that it marks very easily because it is so matt, so it definitely isn’t ideal if you have children and grubby little fingers regularly on the wall!

Carpet: Cormar Senstations ‘Arctic Grey’

We had this carpet throughout the entire flat. I have a few pros and cons for it. Pros - I love the colour, it was super soft, and Cormar carpets are bleach cleanable which is just a god send! Cons - its quite long pile so I found it got flattened down very quickly in high traffic areas. I’ve been told this can be rectified with a good hoover, and I only had a cordless the whole time I live there so it had less suction that a plug in, which may have pulled the pile back up more.

Bed: Dreams, no longer sold But this is is similar

Sadly the exact bed isn’t sold anymore. I found a few replicas on some sites but to be honest I think they are a bit dodgy so wouldn’t like to recommend anyone buy from them! I've linked another bed from Dreams which is pretty similar though!

Bedside Tables: Orrico from Habitat

Silver bedside table & accessories in grey bedroom

These have always been hugely popular on my page, and eagle eyed followers will know I also have the matching coffee table in my lounge. I love how unique these hammered metal tables look as bedsides, and no drawers mean you don’t end up stashing clutter! A word of warning, they are a bit like a hollow drum so make quite a clang when you put your glass of water down in the middle of the night! however they are so beautiful and unique that they're completely worth it.

Furniture: Hemnes Range from Ikea

White IKEA chest of drawers in grey bedroom

This popular range can be found in lots of homes. It’s a great range that is a really reasonable price, but is still solid wood so is sturdy and will last you a good few years. We had the 8 chest of drawers and the 6 chest in our bedroom. I love these drawers because they’re really deep pieces of furniture, you can get  lot in them!

Chair: Margot from Made

Green velvet corner chair with plant in grey bedroom

Commonly referred to (by no one but me) as the ‘chair of dreams’, this dreamy velvet chair is from and was placed in the bedroom with the intention of creating a reading corner. I can’t say I ever sat there to read, it become a second wardrobe basically! But it made a beautiful feature in the room and injected a hint of colour into the otherwise all grey bedroom which we loved.

Mirror: Hemnes from Ikea

A fab full length mirror, this one comes in at 165cm tall and 74cm wide, so it makes quite a statement in a room! In the flat we had it leaning on the floor, and in the new house we have hung it on the wall which looks really striking.

Round Mirror: H&M Home

Grey bedroom styled with accessories

Sadly this no longer comes in the silver version that I have in this bedroom, but they do have equally as beautiful black and gold versions, so I've linked those above.

Picture Ledge: Ikea Mosslanda

Another question I get asked a lot, this picture ledge is from Ikea. It is styled with different size photo frames, artificial Ikea plants, and candles. They come in two different sizes, and in black too. I have these scattered throughout my home.

Cushions: All Ikea

These cushions always succeeded in creating a luxurious, comfortable looking bed that always made me want to dive straight in. All these cushions are from Ikea, and the inners are also feather inners from Ikea. If you want to get the really full, plump look, make sure you always choose feather inners, as polyester ones won’t create the same effect. And of course, don’t forget to finish them with a chop! Go for colours that contrast with the grey to make them stand out.

Lamps: Ikea Astrid

At just £16 each, these lights are such a great bargain to compliment a modern grey bedroom! I have a few of these dotted around my home. 

Bedding: Next Waffle Duvet Set

Bed styled with throw cushions in grey bedroom

I really like dark sheets on the bottom, they make a bit of a statement and stand out, adding a lot more interest, and defining the shape of the bed. This grey bedding set is from Next.

I hope that was helpfully and has provided you with some useful links so that you can recreate this grey bedroom look for yourself. Don't forget to tag me on Instgram in any pictures of your grey bedrooms you've created!

Karly x


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