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10 of the Best... Accent Chairs

Posted on 6th December 2018
Accent Chair

1: Alveare Armchair | 2: Wingback Accent Chair | 3: Koarp Chair | 4: Coltman Armchair | 5: Margot Chair | 6: Ticao Accent Chair | 7: Fraser Chair | 8: Eva Chair | 9: Bellini Chair | 10: Suki Cocktail Chair |

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If you've followed me on Instagram you'll know I started doing a weekly '5 Friday Finds' feature on my stories, where I linked some of the best products I'd stumbled across that week during my endless search for furniture. I've decided to develop that feature a bit and turn it into my '10 of the Best...', which will feature different products each week, and I'm going to be sharing it across more of my platforms so I include my blog and Pinterest too, not just Instagram stories. Hopefully you'll like this option and find it a bit more permanent than it was on Stories!

So, without further ado, here is my introductory '10 of the Best...' and this week it's all about accent chairs! Now, accent chairs as a general rule are expensive. Thats the first thing we need to get past. I've tried to compile a selection of mid range ones here, but any decent chair is always going to set you back a few hundred £££. However, they really are worth the investment, mainly because they are so versatile. Accent chairs are great for anyone who wants to have fairly neutral sofas, but also wants to add a little something extra to the room. They're normally fairly compact (compared to a sofa or proper armchair anyway), so they allow you to inject a pop of colour, pattern or texture into a room without being too overbearing. Use your accent chair to create additional seating in a living room,  a reading corner in an office, or simply as a place to sit and relax in your bedroom. Another great idea is to move your chair between rooms every few years, it'll feel like a completely new piece of furniture in its new home.

I hope you liked my first '10 of the Best...' post, let me know in the comments below what other items you'd like to see!

Karly x


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